Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A #weeklie, maybe?

This past week, some of the members of our class were able to visit American University in Cairo, an experience I wish I had been able to share! It's amazing to me that, with the aid of technology, we are able to be anywhere around the world, talking with all kinds of people. 

What struck me as interesting in this stop on our bus tour was how students around the world can relate to similar stories. During the game of two truths and a lie, despite the need for some clarification, it was cool to see that students can come together through mutual experiences. Funny enough, parking seems to be an issue worldwide-- we can't win! Another commonality-- none of us like paying tuition!

I like these bus tours because they've been a great way of experiencing to different places around the world, places such as Egypt where I might never get to go in real life (although I hope to). Conversely, it's they're a great way to go back to places where I have traveled, such as Puerto Rico, and seeing them through a different lens.  


Here are my daily digital alchemies from the past week!