Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ready for Repose

Happy week-before-spring-break, everyone! We've almost made it!

This is the first Google image result for the search "repose." It accurately represents how I'll be spending my spring break.

This week, one of our assignments was to explore Network Effect, which was a unique experience. The estimated 7 minutes of video presented a chaotic whirlwind of posts and experiences, the intent of which was to induce "a state of anxiety, trigger a fear of missing out, and totally frustrate any attempt at completeness.” I'll be honest, I made it about 2-3 minutes in both days that I checked it out. I felt sick from the constant stream of images and hated not being able to grasp any meaning from the experience-- which I think might be the point.

We are subject to so much information every time we pull up the internet- whether it be through social media or news sites. The stories might be interesting on an individual basis but, when we're overexposed, it can turn into too much of a good thing. I experienced something like this during the most recent campaign/election cycle, and had to disconnect from social media for a while to avoid the constant stream of ideas- on both sides. Being barraged by something, anything, can trigger anxiety and fear in anyone, and that's how I felt viewing Network Effect. There was too much information with too little explanation, and everything was presented too quickly. In the beginning I was interested in the idea, but by the end I was overwhelmed and wanted nothing to do with any of it.


Last week we used memes and GIFs as a tie-in to our conversation on chaos, order, and our participation in the digital world. This was such a fun exercise, and here were my contributions to the discussion-- and what a fantastic discussion it was!

The following GIF was made by inputing Howard Rheingold's video, Alchemagickal Lucid DreamBox into Giphy, and playing around with the controls until I was able to find the perfect video of segment, marry it to a clever saying, and the program did the rest of the work. This was a lot of fun! I use GIFs constantly, often as responses in text messages or chats, and I never knew it was so simple to create them. It's incredible that conversation has evolved in such a way, that we are now able to quickly find pre-recorded clips of video that perfectly express our emotions.

That being said, here is the GIF I created:

The rest of the images were created with imgflip. imgflip has every meme one could think of available for captioning, all I needed to do was come up with an idea based around our there, netnarr! Here were the results:

And, I've saved my personal favorite for last:

As a late addition to the GIFs, after class I decided to create usng Lala GIF, as suggested in the blog post. I've never seen a GIF with sound, and it seemed like a fun idea. Here's the result:


I'm quite proud of it, you definitely want to check it out.

Social Media Weekly Roundup:
Daily Digital Alchemy responses:

And I liked this last one so much that I tried twice!

I'm not going to be in class tomorrow so, unfortunately, I'm going to miss our first tour bus experience to Mexico, but I am excited to check in after the fact. I'm quite excited for break, it's been a long month and a half!

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  1. I love your gif and memes! They were definitely connected to the class.