Sunday, February 4, 2018

Welcome, February!

I am so glad that January is over.

100% me.

Some things that happened in January were cool though, like last week's Twitter chat! I'm so encouraged by the widespread class participation, and by the input of the open network participants. It's always so great to be reminded that our class is bigger than the four walls at Kean.

Something that I especially appreciate about digital art is that it opens up new possibilities. For example, photo editing is so accessible. I don't have to be a master photographer to know how to alter levels in a picture in order to enhance certain elements of the photograph.

Throughout the Twitter chat, I continually thought about DeviantArt and Fan These two websites are prime examples of how digital art has shaped entire communities. Fan Fiction allows authors to create stories and poems about their favorite characters from T.V. shows, anime, books, or movies.  Deviant Art fosters communities of people who want to share their art, fan based or other, with the world. These two sites enable people to share their creative brilliance with the world, and are major hubs for artists who might not be recognized without the power of the digital world.

Regarding the Re-New-Media-Art project, I find it fascinating to discover fossils from the early days of the internet. Patrice and I discovered Olia Lialina's early e-lit piece, "My Boyfriend Came Back From the War," which shockingly holds up reasonably well today. After reading her biography, it seems she was far beyond her time, especially considering that it was created and posted in 1996. How crazy is that to think about?

Oh, Five Card Flickr. This is a great assignment, but a dreaded one for someone like me, who doesn't enjoy creative writing. That being said, I tried.

Here's the link to my finished work:

Tweets (1/29 through 2/5/18)

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  1. Late to ask, but I am guessing maybe February so far is not as bad? You did such a fantastic job leading the twitter chat, that was one of the best ones I have been part of.

    I would not know you dread writing looking at your Five Card Flick story, it works visually without the photos, and I like how you wove the theme, the idea of the glimmer and being on the periphery of someone else's lost memory.

    Thanks too for working with Patrice on the New Media Art research project; I added the work you did to the tumblr site

    I find that piece an evocative kind of E-lit, and despite being that old, the hyperlinked story and stark gifs really work.

    And just wait until march!